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Pikerax Notes 1.0

My own Android app, is a simple, fluid notepad, that allows you to write quicky notes and store them on your SD card . . .


Pikerax Notes is a very simple and fluid notepad aplication, just write and read notes, it is a very quickly tool to take notes of what you need, very intuitive and whitout difficult options that waste your time, just open, write and save the note, read it then when you need.

Permisions required

1- Write on the SD card

Reason? Just make a folder called "Pikerax notes" and store on it all the notes that you write, that's all.


- SD card requiered

- It has a very simple and quicky menu

- It has a nice visual background to write notes

- Store all the notes on a folder on your SD card called "Pikerax notes"

- The notes will be saved on TXT format, so you can open them on your computer

 Click the Google play icon to go

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