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The iPad would have been conceived 30 years ago

The concept of a device developed in 1983 is similar to the popular and successful tablet . . .

The hot item of the technology industry, the tablet was designed by Apple and that everyone knows. But this concept, which was introduced and released in 2010 by Steve Jobs himself under the name iPad, was actually born nearly 30 years ago, in 1983.

This was revealed by photographs showing a prototype developed by the firm at the apple. These images show a touchscreen device, external keyboard, removable disk drive and a portable system for transporting the unit held by a handle.

A stylus helped the user to interact with the screen.

The device name was "Bashful" ("Shy"), in honor of one of the dwarfs in Snow White (as it was the style that Apple used in the 80's). It was designed at the same time as the Apple II by Hartmut Esslinger but never mass produced.

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