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Imposible folder

This is a curiosity that call my atention because there are some names for folders that you can't use on it and i didn't know . . .

There are some internal commands from the ancient MS-DOS like "copy con" and to avoid conflicts you can't name a folder like "con" for example, if you do that you will see something like this:


Don't worry there is not more problem just this message and the folder wil be rename to "New folder", if you want to make a folder with this name you can do it in C: by using the terminal with this commands (but only in c: so i think is not useful):

        - md /con

And to delete it:

        - rd /con

Other restricted names are:


- A:-Z:
- COM1
- COM2
- COM3
- COM4
- LPT1
- LPT2
- LPT3  

You can make a bet with your friends with this trick and laught a bit jejeje XD
Do you want to see a ramdom post?

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