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Virus pretend trick you like the police

It is not the first case that has been reported of these hind of scams, the police don't act in this way, it is a really scam . . .

The virus in question blocks the victim's computer and only show his website where it appears the logo of the police and the Ministry in a very official aspect saying that you have to pay a fine of 100 € before 24 h and they put payment ways like Paypal or ukash.

There are a lot of viruses such as one that say that it was an online antivirus that detected an  extremely serious threat and that you have to pay for desinfect you, if you pay you can be sure that you have cheated and it won't surprise me that it return to tell you that you are infected since the first time because you maybe will paid a second time also.


Restart the computer and start Windows in Safe Mode with Networking

The network functions will allow us to access the Internet and download Avast, if you want you can get it in the downloads section of this blog and finally perform a full system scan.

This type of virus is spread on computers with poor security.
Do you want to see a ramdom post?

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