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The most sotisficated virus in the wordl

The more complex spyware discovered to date, known as Worm.Win32.Flame, constitutes a real threat to cyber security of any country, including Mexico, who alerted the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) . . .
"It is one of the most complex cyber threats discovered to date and no country could be exempt from a possible attack, including Mexico," said the head of the unit of the ITU who tries to decipher the origins and the antidote to the virus.

"Flame is a real threat to cyber security because it is a software that can be used for espionage operations. Is the next stage in the evolution of cyber weapons." 

To date, Iran has been the country most affected by the virus, followed by Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, which have been contaminated from home computers to those of government and educational institutions.

The analyst maintains that unlike other cyber weapons, the malware identified under Worm.Win32.Flame code is more complex than its predecessors, Stuxnet or Duqu, but all pursue the same objetive, collecting sensitive information anonymously.

"Flame shares many characteristics of other cyber weapons as Duqu and Stuxnet, but bigger, more sophisticated and more complex," he said.

"He has the ability to steal sensitive information in multiple ways, for example you can take screen shots, spy on Internet traffic, record conversations and hijack the Bluetooth wireless communication protocol to access information on mobile devices near the computer.

"The operator of the virus can erase all the information on a computer and leave it inoperable."

Another feature is the external control of the system, there is also considered an attractive instrument of terrorism.

"Because it has the ability to control remotely the machine, it could be used for terrorist attacks against strategic infrastructure, whether communications, power and water plants.

"The terrorists have experts who only need access to the code to use Flame" he warned.

Usually, this type of virus are created by hackers, criminals or the departments of the states. But because Flame is not designed to make money, rather it is an intrusion system for anonymous and information theft, ITU is working on the assumption that it could have been created by one or more states working together.

Yesterday, Kamran Napelian, an official in Central Emergency Response Coordination in Computers of Iran, said That the computers of several senior Iranian officials had been attacked by Flame and pointed to Israel as the creator of the ciberweapon.

Although not confirmed, Israel is also considered as the origin of Stuxnet, which mainly affected the computer operating system of the nuclear program of Iran, the great enemy of that country regional.

"He has a pattern of encryption that has only been seen in Israel," said Napelian. "Unfortunately, they are very powerful in the field of information technology," he added.

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