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Suspicious banners

As is Well Known in informatic or Rather in the network there are countless websites and many of them can hide unwanted information such as viruses or similar but the subject is that I will discuss here are scams . . .
Surely many of you when you surf the Internet you encounter more advertising pages you've visited, many of them are just annoying ads but others may be frauds and scams that can even annoy us a lot.

Most of the advertising we found on a website run by the number of clicks that are made in it or the number of times we get into the pages of their links, explained this I will explain the different ways that have this advertising (better known as banners). 

Banners of awards:

Have you heard that you are the visitor number of 999,999? and nothing more that you have won a new Audi, and they tell you to click to see the prize.

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

If you leave the page and come back  you continue being  the visitor number 999,999

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

Applying the logic if someone enter in the web site he will win an Audi ask on forums or social networks how many people have won an Audi in that kind of advertising?

This here are some examples, it are images not adverts.

 Real or fake?

Now they try it with an image that is usually a picture that is the most grotesque and ask you if it is true or false as implying that you can win something by hitting something that others maybe have failed.

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

That image is usually false, but also more false than a green dog.

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic you will realize that you are making a fool with something so simple that a 4 years old kid could tell you if that image is true or false.

Test and intelligence tests

Again they try it and appeal to your intelligence now with questions of wit or comparison between two images.

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

Although it seems a little more real still as easy to answer and just as false as the others.

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic you will realize that it is not so difficult to see where something turns or how many animals there are in the picture.


Interactive banners and also with very annoying noises

Now have they decided to go for you with machete and when you are surfing the web quiet suddenly hear a loud bang, repetitive or amusic the most outrageous trying to call the attention and they get it when you click in the mute button (within advertising box, so they won a click).

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

What person would try to win customers leaning over them? because that makes these banners.

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic that you will noticethat they are desperate to win your attention and seem to try going crazy.

In this banner a scandalous country music sounded .this is a video of the music being played and sounded pretty strong but happens that the video hasn't a good quality.


Again, very cleverly they triy it with the entertainment i know that it seem fun to see Santa Claus drinking beer or make a puppet jumping rope, His strategy have changed but not the game.

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

Shoot 5 iphones, skipping ... and then a button appear to make you click on it to go to his website.

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic you will realize that you are cheating with a kids game for distract you.

Online Antivirus

These is the most dangerous, because they are the most real and you can believe it (but the truth is that you must be naive). They tell you that your computer is infected and they ofered you disinfect it for a price.

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

Online Antivirus "marca la cabra"  (a spanish expresions that means poor quality or strange name for a product) 2.0, the logical thing is go to an official website.

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic you will realize that you are cheating with a fake virus and it will say you again that you are infected without being told to report any personal files, because surely it tell you that is a system file with a name very rare in computer engineer plan.

Camouflaged banners

They take advantage of the situation, pretending to be buttons in a well calculated place for example in the pages of downloads and you think is the download button.

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

If you are careful you will notice that they have nothing to be with the web, color or position of the button.

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic you will notice that many download pages you can see the same button and if you realize you need some web no need download button.

  Contact Banners

They usually put a girl quite pretty and scantily clad pretending to be interested in you and you seem to talk via messenger.

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

There are cases where you hilarious spoken in English and you can see something like: "Hi, I'm in ..." and the name of your city well written in you language, but it has the look of if you go to another city that city will appear because the browsers offer this information without your knowledge, in fact you can also get the operating system, the IP, city, country etc ...

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic you will notice that the design looks like a banner, not a chat installed on the website.

Banners with miracle products

Products that make you a 10 body in just a week or lose 20 kilos in a couple of days or even enlarge the penis and they put images that seem that he will step his penis with his foot

Test # 1 that is a fraud:

If that are real it can not be healthy lose so much weight in so little time.

Test # 2 that is a fraud:

If you apply the logic you will realize that you are fooling with something that maybe you feel self-conscious or would like to change about you, they take advantage of your weakness.

In conclusion 
keep very careful to don't be taken for fools, because these are not the only cases, there are also other small print banners telling you to send an SMS by a program that is available free and then there are also websites are devoted to defraud, and that  seem like a lot of official pages.
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