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Security fail in Internet explorer

Microsoft warned users of his browser, Internet Explorer, of a new discovered security fail . . .

The software maker informed customers on his website to install security software, as an interim measure. The company tries to correct the error and launch a new, more secure version of Internet Explorer. The company has not confirmed how long it will take, but several security researchers said that they hope that the update is released within a week.

The free security tool, known as the toolkit Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) is available through the Microsoft website.

Some security experts have said that would be too hard for many PC users implement the measures suggested by Microsoft. He advised users of Internet Explorer Windows to temporarily change other rival browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Opera.

Internet Explorer was the second most used browser in the world last month, with about 33 percent market share, according to StatCounter, Chrome behind, who owned 34 percent of the market.

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