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Curious webs

In Internet there are a lot of curious webs were you can find a lot of interesting things, i will update this post to have a recopilation of the best . . .
The most little page on the wordl

A site designed by London Design Collective, it show that with a little bit space is posible give a great content, a coast, it is clear, of the visual capacity of the visitor. 

 "Guimp" is a little site of 22x22 pixels and it has 3 games ( labyrinth, Pong y Space Invaders), 3 poemes at hai-kai's style and two versions in his design: Flash y HTML.

The most long page on the wordl

Actualy it has 18,939 kilómeters of long and is a really pleasure do a scroll. Enjoy it!

Do a manual scroll o use the elevator, it give free teletransportation by the hipertext at the light speed. 

(Note for Internet Explorer users: the elevator doesn't work, but you can use the Ctrl + Fin key combination.)

Page that sell his space by pixel

The first to enter ino the fame. He is an american student who decided to start his studies by making a blank page and where it could insert advertising banners by the cost of 1 dólar by pixel. 

The most little space is a little square of 10 x 10 píxeles, by a cost of 100 dólars. Actualy, the page is full of banners and the last píxels are in auction in Ebay! 

Do you want to see a ramdom post?

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