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mozilla and chrome

This blog only run perfectly in Mozilla and Chrome


Blog writing

Hello, i'm done this post to explain some tips to help you to write post in your webs . . .

Love what are you writing

Enjoy what are you writing, if you like it is more easely to find the inspiration and your followers will be pleased, if you write it bored your followers will feel the same.

Specialize you

If you write about something that you don't know or understand maybe you will done mistakes so write about something that you know or investigate and search information about what you have questions, your followers will thank you it.

Update you

The wordl change a lot, you have to actualize your blog if you don't want to stay back, you have to give news to your followers.

Make attractive titles

Call to the attention of your followers, do good titles if you write a post and you leave it hidden your followers will look other things.

Good quality

Don't make grammar or information mistakes if you don't want to give a bad image of your blog to your followers (sorry if my english is not good).

Use images

Your post will be more nice and will have more life if you use pictures into them a post with only words it is very boring to the eyes.

Do you want to see a ramdom post?

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